30 CM
Reduces by 70% of its volume in less than 10 seconds

Up to $215 off, if you buy now!

101 days, no questions asked

We see your first 101 days with Néit Luggage as a trial period, that’s 21 more days than Phileas Fogg had…

You’re free to return it for any reason, no questions asked. Otherwise we’ll always fix or replace your bag if there’s a problem.


Néit’s unique collapsible design is a world’s first. Through our aircraft grade aluminium frame our bag has the ability to fold flat to less than 7CM / 8 inches – without any loss in protection compared to a traditional HardCase.

GPS Enabled

Smart, not only in the sense that Néit Luggage gives you more space in our crowded world, but connected. Néit Luggage is GPS Enabled which means that you can find your Néit Luggage even when it’s lost you.