Some things seem to have been the same forever. Life has changed but they haven’t. At Néit we take a good hard look at trusted old products and put them back together again using innovative, stylish design and pioneering engineering to make them more relevant and useful in today’s world. Familiar but better than you ever imagined. Reimagined.

Who are we?

Christian, our tenacious founder, knows first hand that life is changing and city living needs more products designed for the way many of us live today – in small apartments, constantly on the move and endlessly searching for ways to make life seamless. We’re a team of revolutionary, clever people, beholden to our huge community of supporters who share our vision and are helping us shape the future of everyday design. Together we’re set on designing ingenious and thought provoking, useful objects, by constantly reimagining everyday products to be more relevant and useful for the way we live now.